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Deputy Turns K-9 Loose On Unarmed 68-Year-Old Man (Video)

A newly released police dashcam video (below) shows deputies in Marathon County, Wisconsin, turning a police dog loose on 68-year-old Klyde J. Gebelein and slamming him to the ground on Aug. 6, 2015.

Gebelein recently filed a lawsuit against Marathon County Sheriff's Deputy Troy Deiler for unconstitutionally releasing the K-9 unit, which Gebelein says caused permanent injuries, reports the Wausau Daily Herald.

Gebelein was later charged with resisting an officer, fleeing an officer and operating commercial motor vehicle without a license. When Gebelein posed for his mugshot, he was wearing a bandage and had blood on his face.

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Marathon County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Huber tossed out two charges against Gebelein, and dismissed a third charge after Gebelein completed an agreement he made with the court.

The incident began when an unidentified Marathon County deputy stopped Gebelein because he lacked a U.S. Department of Transport number on his truck, which was hauling a trailer that had an excavator sitting on it.

Gebelein told the deputy that a state trooper said the DOT number was not necessary, and added that he was "not for hire."

The deputy told Gebelein it was still considered a commercial vehicle.

The deputy instructed Gebelein to get a DOT number, but Gebelein refused and said he was going to leave the scene.

The deputy told Gebelein that he could be arrested if he left, which is what Gebelein did.

A police chase commenced, but Gebelein eventually stopped his vehicle, got out and slowly walked towards the deputies, who shouted at him.

One of the deputies turned a police dog, Leo, loose, but the K-9 did not attack and appeared to be confused.

As Gebelein stood still, the deputy yelled at Leo, and the dog jumped up against Gebelein and allegedly bit him.

After two deputies tackled Gebelein, who was standing only a few feet away, the police dog appeared to attack Gebelein's head.

Gebelein asserts in his lawsuit that the deputies had him immobilized when the police dog attacked a second time.

Gebelein's lawsuit says he endured pain, had some permanent scarring on his head, incurred medical bills and suffered business losses.

Deiler's police report said he ordered Gebelein to get on the ground, but the man did not comply, and that Gebelein was commanded numerous times to put his hands behind his back before the police dog bit him.

In August 2015, Marathon County Capt. Sean McCarthy said Deiler was compelled to turn the K-9 loose on Gebelein because of the escalating situation, reported The Record-Review.

"It’s just an unfortunate situation all around," McCarthy stated. "But if they have to be used in that way, they are."

Sources: Wausau Daily Herald, The Record-Review / Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Sarah Brown/DvidsHub.netMarathon County Sheriff's Department via Wausau Daily Herald

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