Police Detective Michael Schroeder Gets Reassigned After Being Caught On Camera Allegedly Taking Money

A police detective in Toledo, Ohio, was caught on camera allegedly taking $23 from an employee-run snack area.

Documents obtained by 13abc state during the month of September "money was missing from the third floor employee kitchen."

The department heads then set up a camera and put money in the employee honor system snack jar. Detective Michael Schroeder was reportedly seen taking the money jar and turning his back. Moments later he puts the jar back and it appears he turns it to make sure it's in the right position.

Schroeder was reportedly confronted about the cash.

"He confirmed he borrowed 23 dollars from the container and intended to pay it back on payday" according to police documents.

Sources in the department reportedly told 13abc that detectives noticed money missing from their desks and other areas of the building like the employee snack area.

Schroeder is moving to the records bureau as an officer, said police Sgt. Joe Heffernan, according to The Blade, which reported that Schroeder was hired in December 2002.

The money was reportedly paid back and no criminal charges are expected.

The police department gave him a written reprimand saying his conduct was unbecoming of an officer and he "acted in a way that was inconsistent of what is expected of an officer." 

Sources: 13abc.com, The Blade


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