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Oakland Police Involved In Underage Sex Scandal

Authorities are investigating an underage sex scandal involving the Oakland Police Department after several officers have been accused of having sex with a teenage girl.

The investigation centers around Celeste Guap, now 18 or 19-years-old, who is alleged to have had sexual relationships with a dozen officers beginning when she was 16, according to the Daily Mail. Guap has called the relationships "harmless," adding that she never "snitched" on anyone.

"The only officer I ever messed with underage is sadly gone now, so I don't know why this is still being brought up," said Guap in a Facebook status. Brendan O'Brien, the officer in question, committed suicide in September 2015, one year after his wife, Irma Huerta Lopez, also died.

Lopez's death was briefly investigated as a homicide, as her family believed that O'Brien shot her and a coroner's report called her death "suspicious," but it was ultimately ruled a suicide.

An internal investigation into sexual misconduct was opened after O'Brien's death, but sources said the misconduct may have been going on since 2014. A judge ordered a second investigation, in which several officers admitted they lied about their relationship with Guap during the first investigation.

One officer, who is facing a statutory rape charge, has admitted to having sex with Guap while knowing she was underage, KCBS reports.

Guap has made references to the alleged affairs on social media, posting a Facebook status that read, "Calls me his Mrs Undercover… that’s cuz we always undercover," adding a police officer emoji, according to the Daily Mail. The teen also posted a photo of an Oakland police car, which she implied was dropping her off near her Richmond, California, home.

Guap's mother also works as a dispatcher at the department.

A spokeswoman for the department, Johnna Watson, said the police are taking the investigation very seriously.

"We are entrusted by the community to protect, to serve them and to uphold the law," Watson said in a statement. "So we take the allegations very seriously.

Source: KCBS, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Paul Sullivan/Flickr

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