Police Department Apologizes After Mistakenly Giving Elderly Couple A Speeding Ticket


A Tennessee police department apologized after mistakenly giving an elderly couple a $50 speeding.

The elderly couple received the speeding ticket from the Puryear Police Department through the mail, WKRN reported. The couple’s son, police officer Tim Coleman, immediately noticed something wasn’t right.

The speeding car was described as a dark Chevrolet in the ticket. Coleman’s parents drive a light blue Toyota Camry.

“My mother came to me, upset and nervous,” Coleman told WKRN. He reportedly told her, “Mom, that’s not your car.”

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Not only was the vehicle wrong, but the area where the speeding allegedly occurred is two hours outside of where the couple lives. Coleman said his father, who served in the military for 28 years, is in poor health and rarely travels long distances.

“Someone needs to explain to me why 70-year-old, oxygen-dependent father is getting a ticket in the mail from a county he has never been in,” Coleman said.

The ticket was signed by two officers and the chief of police in Puryear, Dave Paschall. Paschall admitted that the ticket was a clerical error and apologized to the couple.

“Mistakes happen, like this case here,” Paschall told the news station. “We apologize for that. We have talked to the president and he says they will tighten up their standards there and make sure it doesn’t’ happen again, but it was just an accident.”

Paschall said the department will be sending the couple another letter, letting them know to disregard the ticket. He added that the technology his department uses, a hand-held laser attached to a camera, has significantly reduced speeding on local roads in Henry County.

Sources: WKRN, Puryear Police Department / Photo Credit: WKRN

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