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Police: Couple Arrested After Officials Perform Test On 5-Day-Old Girl

Charges of murder still stand for a couple from Redding, California, arrested in connection with the methamphetamine- and heroine-related death of their 5-day-old daughter, Dae-Lynn Rose.

Daylon Michael Reed and Heather Rose Brown, both 21, were arrested when police said they determined the newborn’s death was a result of drug addiction and neglect. The couple were charged with first-degree murder and child abuse five months after the baby’s death, according to Redding Police Sgt. Jon Poletski.

Brown delivered the baby in a room at the Hampton Suites in Redding late October. The police knew that Brown and Reed had stayed there, and found evidence of a birth in their room, but were unable to locate the couple.

Five days after the delivery, medics went to the Hilltop Lodge for a 5-day-old infant that wasn’t breathing. The child was pronounced dead at Mercy Medical Center. Investigators say Brown stayed behind as her baby was taken to hospital so she could take more heroin, KRCRTV reports.

Investigators searched Brown and Reed, as Reed was on searchable probation for burglary and obstructing or resisting arrest. Police say they found methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, cash and drug paraphernalia in the room. Officers also reportedly found three baby bottles with Brown’s breast milk, reports Record Searchlight.

The couple were initially arrested on drug charges though they were later charged with murder.

The couple told police they did not go to the hospital to deliver the child because Brown had been using heroin throughout her pregnancy and feared the child would be taken away if it was born addicted to the drug. She instead researched how to care for heroin-addicted newborns and gave the child acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Brown also admitted to investigators she had smoked meth during the first seven months of her pregnancy, and started again after giving birth.

Investigators knew both Reed and Brow as heroin users and sellers. They say Reed provided Brown with methamphetamine and heroin while breast-feeding, which lead to the infant’s death.

A complete autopsy report provided to investigators said the child died from heroin and methamphetamine addiction. There were also signs of withdrawal, jaundice, dehydration and neglect, Sergeant Poletski said.

“The doctors who performed the autopsy also wrote that the level of methamphetamine in the victim could be toxic, even for an adult,” Poletski said.

The couple is expected to be arraigned in early July and eventually face trial.

Sources: KRCRTV, Record Searchlight

Photo Source: Screenshot via KRCRTV


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