Eight Children Removed From Home With "Horrible" Living Conditions


Eight children were removed from an Ohio home in such poor condition the owners themselves said it was “horrible.”

On Jan. 25, Middletown police officers were sent to inspect a home after a staff member at Wildwood Elementary School suspected possible child abuse and neglect.

“They looked dirty,” a neighbor told WPCO. “They didn’t look like they were being cared for at all.”

When the officers arrived, Anthony Gevedon Sr., the father of the eight children, originally refused to let them inside due to the house’s “horrible” conditions.

According to police, “the floor was not visible,” as dirty clothing and trash were strewn around, and cat feces were “all over.” Gnats, flies and cockroaches were seen in the home, WXIX reports.

Almost no food was inside the house, the police report said, noting there was a can of spaghetti noodles and two unmarked cans in the pantry, but nothing edible in the refrigerator.

The kitchen stove “was covered in a thick black substance” and missing three of four burners, the police report said.

Upstairs, officers reported about an inch of water was running down the hallway into a bedroom. Mattresses were broken in the bedrooms, and there were no sheets, blankets, or pillows available for use, reported WPCO.

The bathroom floor had “a black sludge type of material,” about which an officer commented, “I’m not sure what that was." The toilet was “extremely dirty” and possibly broken, according to the report.

“I have two kids of my own,” the neighbor continued. “I think it’s terrible that you would leave your kids in that kind of environment.”

Anthony told officers he was trying to clean up the house, but the family had been struggling financially. The mother, Katina Gevedon, told officers the water had been shut off for several months, reported WXIX. Both parents were arrested and are facing eight counts of child endangerment.

Butler County Children’s Services arranged for the children’s grandmother to care for the eight children, whose ages range from 5 months to 15 years old.

Sources: WXIX, WCPO / Photo credit: Journal-News

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