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Man Follows GPS And Strands Car Above Road

A driver in New York almost sent his car airborne after following directions given to him by his GPS.

The man, who did not give his name, drove up a concrete divider at around 10 p.m. on Jan. 10, the New York Post reported.

The driver brought his vehicle to a stop at the top of the slope in Queens. He said he had followed an instruction to veer right, leaving him stuck several feet above the roadway.

The man’s vehicle was towed from the scene. Police questioned him over the incident, but did not arrest him.

It is not known whether he was charged with anything.

A similar incident occurred in Canada in May 2016. Ontario Provincial Police reported that a woman ended up driving into Lake Huron after following a route on her GPS system.

Officers said the woman made a turn as instructed by the device, but ended up in Tobermory's Little Tub Harbour. The car sank approximately 90 feet from shore, The Canadian Press reported.

The water temperature was only around 40 degrees at the time. The woman managed to roll down her window and swim to safety. She was not injured.

Police later removed the car from the lake.

Sources: New York Post, The Canadian Press via Toronto Star / Photo credit: New York Post

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