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Police Cleared Of Wrongdoing In Violent Arrest Of Pregnant Vet (Video)

Iraq War veteran Deanna Robinson was eight months pregnant when a Hunt County Sheriff's Deputy J. Robinson, who is not related, restrained her during the execution of a child custody warrant at her Texas home in April (video below).

Deanna, who has been battling with child protective services since she left what was described as an abusive relationship with her son in tow, was pushed up against her kitchen counter top, leaving bruises, as she cried and told J. Robinson she was pregnant. Deanna also alleges the deputy punched her repeatedly.

The encounter between Deanna and police was caught on video, but an internal investigation has cleared the officer of any wrongdoing. A grand jury also decided against pressing charges against him, although Deanna has been charged with assaulting a police officer, according to a crowd-funding page created to help pay for her legal costs.

According to a post on IndieGoGo by a friend of Deanna’s, Deanna was taken to jail and kept in isolation for six days.

Sheriff Randy Meeks told KLTV he hopes to file more charges against Deanna. "We furthermore have been patient in this process realizing that a few minutes of an edited video does not necessarily reflect the accuracy of an event. I was also patient because I believe that every citizen is afforded due process assuring there is no rush to judgment. I believe this also includes those citizens who happen to wear a badge," Meeks said in a statement about the investigation.

Meeks said no one filed a formal complaint with the sheriff’s office. Deanna has since given birth to her son.

Sources: IndieGoGo, KLTV / Photo credit: That Happened to Deanna Robinson/Facebook


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