Police in Clarksville, Tennessee In Hot Water After Shooting Incident


Residents in a neighborhood of Clarksville, Tennessee are asking a lot of questions after a shooting incident involving local police on Monday morning.

According to reports, police were called when it was discovered that a coyote infected with distemper was roaming around the streets. When police arrived to handle the situation, they decided that they had to put the animal down in the street.

"They noticed that it was foaming at the mouth and had an odd color in the eyes," said Officer Natalie Hall of the Clarksville police.

Officers drew their guns and fired shots at the coyote to kill it, but when they fired the rounds, some of them ricocheted and went where they weren’t supposed to. Some of the bullets went into cars, and another would up going through the window of a home and into the bedroom of a teenage girl, just narrowly missing her.

Now, neighbors have a lot of questions as to why the bullets created such a close call for the girl and did so much other damage.

Elizabeth Ward, the teenage girl that barely escaped being hit by the bullet, told News Channel 5 that she is lucky to be alive.

"If I had my blinds up and I was in my closet trying to pick out an outfit for today, I would've been dead," said Ward.

Police are currently investigating the incident to determine if action should be taken against the officers involved, and with the community shaken up, many are calling on the officers to be disciplined. The police department, however, is maintaining that, despite neighbors questioning otherwise, they coyote posed a threat to the community and the shooting was necessary. 


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