Police Chief Mark Kizer Suspended After Being Reimbursed For Dinner At Gentlemen’s Club

A police chief in Bryant, Ark., was reimbursed for a dinner he went out to while attending a work-related conference in Florida. However, the dinner was had at an upscale strip club and after an investigation, the city’s mayor decided to suspend the police chief.

Chief Mark Kizer reportedly submitted a receipt for a dinner he ate at O.C. Food and Beverage Steakhouse in Orlando, Fla., back in July, according to ArkansasMatters.com. The restaurant is also known as Rachel's, which is described on its website as a luxurious adult entertainment complex and award-winning five-star dining restaurant.

Kizer, who was reimbursed for the mean, reportedly said he did not see a single woman while he was at the restaurant. A spokesperson for the restaurant said guests can see the stage while eating.

"It wasn't a total strip club. It's probably no worse than Hooters," Kizer was quoted as saying, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The location of the chief’s meal came up for debate among the city council and on Thursday evening, the mayor of the town decided to suspend Kizer for five days without pay.

Prior to the suspension being announced, Fox News reported that Alderman Randy Cox called the incident unprofessional and unethical.

The day before the suspension’s announcement, City Attorney Chris Madison said, "It's been brought to the city's attention, and it's become a personnel matter. We are currently investigating it. When we have more information, we'll be releasing it."

Sources: ArkansasMatters.com, Fox News, Orlando Sentinel 


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