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Police Chief Mark Kessler Defends Videos with Cursing, Guns (Video)

Gilberton, Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler has been under fire lately because of the videos that he posted of himself, on YouTube, shooting guns and cursing at liberals.

During an interview on Monday with WTXF-TV (video below), the now calm and collected gun-toting chief seemed baffled that the media had dubbed him "the scariest police chief in America."

Chief Kessler admitted that his videos were "shocking," but added "It was for shock and awe value."

He then falsely claimed that the Obama administration wanted to do a "gun confiscation" back in January. Chief Kessler then explained how he supposedly overwrote state and federal laws with his own law.

"It inspired me to do something as a law enforcement official where I draft what was called the 'Second Amendment Preservation Resolution' granting every citizen in my jurisdiction the right to bear arms, regardless what the federal government and state government may pass," claimed Chief Kessler.

However, even as chief of police he has no legal authority to trump state or federal laws.

“If somebody thinks they can dial 911 and the cops will come and save them that is not correct. Cops are there to clean up the mess," added Chief Kessler.

When asked about the controversial videos that resulted in his 30-day suspension, Chief Kessler stated: “I don’t regret it. I believe I have had an impact on a lot of people across the country. You would not believe the tens of thousands of emails. My phone doesn’t stop."

Source: WTXF-TV


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