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Police Chief Changes Story About Cop Killing Black Teen (Video)

On May 1, Balch Springs, Texas, Police Chief Jonathan Haber changed the official version of how 15-year-old African-American Jordan Edwards was killed by a police officer April 29 (video below).

A press release by the Balch Springs Police Department originally stated: "There was an unknown altercation with the vehicle backing down the road towards the officers in an aggressive manner," noted WFAA.

Haber stated on May 1 that the vehicle was actually driving away from the police officers when a cop used a rifle to fire at the car and kill Jordan, notes The Dallas Morning News.

Haber changed the official version after watching police body-cam footage of the incident. According to Haber, the vehicle initially backed up, but was leaving the scene -- a loud house party -- when the police officer fired his weapon.

"I'm saying, after reviewing the video, I don't believe that it met our core values," Haber stated, reports WFAA.

The body camera video footage has been turned over to the Dallas County Sheriff's Department.

Police were originally answering a call about gunshots at the house party when they arrived at the scene.

Lee Merritt, a lawyer representing Jordan's family, said that Jordan and four other young people heard gunfire at the party, and decided to leave, reports The Dallas Morning News

The teens in the car heard someone curse at them, and then three bullets were fired at their car, according to Merritt.

The Balch Springs Police Department has yet to release the name of the police officer who fired the shots and killed Jordan.

Merritt added that Jordan's parents -- Charmaine and Odell Edwards -- want the police officer to be arrested and charged in their son's death.

According to Merritt, the other teens who were in the car with Jordan were not charged with any crimes.

Merritt spoke at a press conference in Dallas while Jordan's parents silently wiped away tears on May 1: "We've heard excuses before in the past: You know why it happens, because the dads aren't present. That excuse isn't here. Or the kid was violent. That excuse isn't present here."

Dora Daniels, who lives near the location of house party, said there were about 100 teens in attendance, and that they had blocked people's driveways.

Daniels had her son call the police about concerns of possible underage drinking.

According to Daniels, the kids scattered "like ants" when the first cop showed up at the home, which belongs to Lisa Roberson.

Roberson said that her son held the party without her permission while she was out of town, but later assured her that no drinking was going on.

Neighbors heard between three and four shots from a small gun, which was followed by shots from a big gun, possibly a rifle, but did not see who was firing the shots.

Haber said the video footage (of the shooting of Jordan) would not be released during the ongoing investigation.

Sources: The Dallas Morning News, WFAAWFAA/YouTube / Photo credit: John Crosby via Wikimedia Commons

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