Police Chase Runaway Llamas In Arizona (Video)

Two llamas escaped captivity and roamed the streets of Sun City, Arizona, today, leading police and authorities on a wild chase through traffic and parks.

They had been transported to the Carillons Assisted Living center for an animal therapy event, but escaped from the retirement community, reports CBS News.

Bub Bullis of Copper Llamas claimed there were actually three escapees, but two llamas evaded capture as live video was broadcast by ABC 15 (video below)

Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies tried to catch the llamas for almost two hours, while many people on the web cheered for the animals over the cops, noted USA Today.

The llamas were eventually lassoed and returned to their owner.

(Note: No audio on video below).

Sources: CBS News, ABC 15, USA Today
Image Credit: ABC 15 Screenshot


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