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Police Caught on Video Beating a Man Without Legs

Queensland police officers were caught on video punching a man with no legs in an Australian mall on Nov. 15.

According to, the man and a woman were accused of stealing 12 bottles of wine from a store and fleeing police.

When three officers held the man and his female caregiver on the floor of a food court, Declan Liu started filming the incident on his cellphone (video below).

In the video, an officer is on top of the man with no legs and punches him four times while mall customers scream in shock.

“The first punch you see is the officer coming down on the guy with his palm to the face and then they got him in a UFC lock on the ground and they started pounding on him," Liu told the Courier Mail.

“The thing I really hated about it was when the two other cops come through and they started yanking him, in real life it looked a lot worse," added Liu. “The police handled the situation terribly. There is two ways to handle it: with force and professionally, and they threw the professional part right out the window.

"People were shocked," continued Liu. "No one wanted to step in or anything, but there was a big crowd."

However, a Queensland Police spokeswoman claimed it was the police who were injured in the incident: "An officer was punched, another officer sustained a hand, back and neck injury. It is alleged the female tried to bite an officer, another officer had an injured left hand and the other officers sustained minor injuries.”

The man and woman have each been charged with multiple crimes.

Sources:, Courier Mail


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