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Police Caught on Video Beating Black Motorist in Long Island, NY

A surveillance video of two Nassau County, N.Y. police officers beating motorist Kyle Howell has been released.

According to The Gothamist, the officers pulled Howell over on April 25 in Long Island, N.Y., because he had a broken windshield (video below).

After the cops opened Howell’s passenger and driver’s side front doors, Howell made a movement inside his car. That's when officers reportedly kneed and punched him over 40 times until he blacked out.

“My paycheck started to fly out the door,” Howell stated at a press conference on Tuesday, noted WABC (video below).

“I went to go reach for it, and the next thing you know, I got a knee to the face," added Howell. "Then the next thing I remember, I was in the hospital... You can see the damage that happened.”

Howell claims the same officers threatened him during previous traffic stop for recording them.

For their part, police claim that Howell had a bag of what appeared to be cocaine residue and a bag of marijuana, which Howell allegedly tried to eat.

Howell denies those claims and has filed a lawsuit against Nassau County for false arrest, excessive police force and violation of his civil rights. The Nassau University Medical Center was included in the lawsuit. Howell claims they aided in the coverup of the police beating.

Howell says he has suffered a broken nose, nerve damage and an eye injury that will require surgery, however, the police officers claim that Howell attacked them.

The young man is charged with assault, evidence tampering, marijuana possession and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Howell and his father got the surveillance video from a nearby business. After they released the video on Tuesday, prosecutors and police internal affairs investigators launched a probe of the beating.

Newsday reports that the police officers involved in the incident are Vincent Logiudice and Basil Gomez, who was investigated by internal affairs in 2008 for excessive force.

Howell as prior convictions from 2012 for petty larceny and marijuana possession, according to court records.

Sources: Newsday, WABC, The Gothamist


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