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Mentally Disabled Man Beaten By Police On Camera (Video)

A new video has been released online showing a mentally disabled man being beaten by St. Louis police officers.

The man, Mario Crumps, was reportedly acting erratically prior to the incident, and his behavior forced his family to call the police. The video doesn’t show the entire incident, but it does show police brutally beating the man while he fought back against them.

Crumps is reportedly a client of Independence Center, an organization that provides mentally disabled people with opportunities to live and work in the St. Louis community, and Mike Keller, executive director, hopes that the video will bring about a change in training protocol within the police department.

"I want to give the police whom I have an affinity for the benefit of the doubt, but that video was soul-scarring," said Keller.

Police, however, say that even though many are outraged by the video, they feel it does not properly show what went on in its entirety and believe that the officers’ actions were justified.

"Certainly I want to make this a teachable moment," said St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson. "But we also have to understand that society, with cutbacks in the mental health field, have really left individuals kind of in an area of limbo."

Dotson also says that both officers were treated for injuries.

The man’s condition following the beating is not clear, but one can assume that after multiple strikes from a baton and numerous punches to the face, he likely sustained some injuries. Crumps faces charges of assaulting an officer as well as resisting arrest.


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