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Police Brutally Beat Man Inside Disco (Graphic Video)

A security camera in a German nightclub recently recorded several police slugging and kicking a male suspect.

On the security camera's video (below), several German police officers hold the man, who is identified only as "Daniel A," so that other officers can assault him.

According to, Daniel is kicked in the groin and falls to the floor, where he is beaten with a police officer's baton.

The beating happened on June 23 at the Track 9 disco in Bremen, Germany, notes the German news site

Daniel had gone to the disco with friends and family to celebrate his birthday. While at the disco, Daniel's friend Patrick had his money taken by a cigarette machine.

Daniel and his brother Luke went to complain to the disco's doorman, who, in turn, kicked them out.

Once outside, Daniel reportedly told police (who regularly patrol the area) to leave his brother alone, and that's when the cops pushed him back into the entrance of the disco and the beating began.

Daniel eventually had his tied his wrists together by police, who then took him to a hospital. He has filed an official complaint with the public prosecutor.

The disco claims that it did not call the police.

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