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Police Brutality Video Goes Viral In France

A video showing police brutality in France has gone viral, prompting French prosecutors to launch an investigation into the case.

The 8 minute video entitled “shame on French Police” has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.  A resident captured the video of police beating a woman with a baton and spraying tear gas in her face from his upstairs balcony, according to the Huffington Post.

The incident occurred in a Tours suburb around 7 a.m. The video was posted Sunday.

The two police officers in the video reportedly pulled over a car packed with seven people in it that was swerving Sunday morning.

The passengers in the car refused to follow police orders, and one of the women in the car allegedly kicked a police officer in the face and started biting him.

The police officer responded by hitting her with his baton.

The video has garnered a large amount of attention on social media from commenters on both the side of police and commenters who called the officers’ behavior “shameful.”

Sources: Huffington Post, RFI


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