Cops Allegedly Use "Excessive Force" on Wisconsin Woman (VIDEO)


On January 5, police responded to a call reporting a parking lot fight outside the Keyport Lounge by handcuffing two men who had been fighting, and slamming a woman down on the hood of the car and repeatedly hitting her.

Part of the incident was captured on police video (below).

After Natasha Lancour’s brother and brother-in-law were handcuffed for fighting, Lancour, upset and enraged, began yelling. Officer George Gothner grabbed her and told her to remain silent; when Lancour, 28, swore at the officer, he dragged her to the hood of his squad car.

The officer’s report of the incident states that Lancour “struck and scratched” his face, prompting his retaliation of giving “her a closed fist punch to the left side of her face.”

The punch was followed up by yet another punch, as well as an open-handed slap. While the entire interaction wasn’t recorded, its aftermath was clearly visible on Lancour’s beaten, bruised face.

“I looked at my face,” Lancour said, “and I looked like cyclops. I didn’t look like myself.”

Lancour’s lawyer, Richard Gondik, has described the events as “battery by an officer” and “an exercise of excessive force.”

Meanwhile, Lancour’s “scratching” the officer were enough to earn her felony charges.

“She is five-foot-nothing,” Gondik has said. “She has never been arrested before, she has young children.” He also emphasized that Lancour had not been drinking that night.

The tape also reveals that two onlookers videotaped the incident on their cell phones; police have asked that they come forward with any additional information.

Superior Police attorney Gregg Gunta has described the case as “highly defensible.”

Lancour has insisted that race is a key player in the way events unfolded. The video shows Lancour saying, “You did that shit because I was black.” Lancour spent the night in jail.

On January 31, she is scheduled to appear in front of court on charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.




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