Police Break Prosthetic Arm Of Elderly Man During Arrest

An elderly man claims that his prosthetic arm was broken during an arrest in Utah for driving with a Colorado license.

Danny Baker has sued Officers Michael Stowe and Officer Brunell (whose first name was not reported) seeking $1.5 million in damages, plus treble damages, writes Filming Cops.

According the police report, Baker told the officers that they will not touch him with cuffs until he is read his rights. Baker claims that he immediately told officers that he has a prosthesis in his arm and is not able to put his hands behind his back.

“Officer Bunnell responded to this information by grabbing Mr. Baker’s arm. Officer Stowe then grabbed Mr. Baker’s left hand and elbow, and forcibly turned Mr. Baker toward the car, while forcing Mr. Baker’s arms behind his back,” the complaint states.

It continues: “Officer Bunnell exerted such great force upon Mr. Baker’s arm that the prosthesis in Mr. Baker’s arm snapped, breaking Mr. Baker’s arm, destroying the prosthesis, and resulting in severe pain to Mr. Baker.”

Baker, who has had a prosthetic arm since the 1970s, spends a lot of time in Utah for medical reasons was arrested for driving on a denied license.

Baker claims that Officer Stowe “insisted that Mr. Baker was driving without a valid license because Officer Stowe’s search of his database revealed that Mr. Baker had previously possessed a Utah driver’s license.”

Baker’s Utah license expired over 20 years ago after he moved to Colorado. Baker told the court that Stowe told him his Colorado license was invalid because he did not have a Utah license.

Baker claims he was arrested for “‘driving on a denied license, failure to stop, expired license, and cracked windshield,” as said in the police report.

According to Vice News, Baker also claimed that he was denied medical treatment by officers for several hours until finally being bailed out by his daughter who eventually brought him to a hospital to receive medical attention.

Baker was initially stopped for having a cracked windshield, but feels that this entire situation was a “false” arrest.

The complaint alleges that police committed unreasonable seizure and excessive force, falsely arrested Baker, and engaged in malicious prosecution.

Sources: Filming Cops,Vice News,Pacermonitor   Photo Source: Wikimedia


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