Police Break Man's Prosthetic Arm During Arrest


Police in Herber City, Utah, are under fire after breaking an elderly man’s prosthetic arm, according to a claim by the man in Federal Court.

The issue began when Danny Baker was pulled over outside of Herber City in August 2013 by Officer Michael Stowe and Officer Brunnel. Baker was in Utah for medical reasons when Stowe stopped him due to a cracked windshield.

After running his license through the computer, Stowe “insisted that Mr. Baker was driving without a valid license because Officer Stowe’s search of his database revealed that Mr. Baker had previously possessed a Utah driver’s license,” according to a report by Courthouse News.

Baker had previously lived in Utah over two decades ago, but allowed his license to expire when he moved to Colorado.

However, Stowe told him that his Colorado license was not valid due to the fact that he did not have his Utah license, according to Baker.

Baker then says that the officers ordered him out of the car and arrested him for “driving on a denied license, failure to stop, expired license, and cracked windshield.”

After informing the officers that he had a prosthetic arm due to a construction accident and could not comply to the order to place them behind his back, Officer Brunnell grabbed the man’s arms and forced Baker toward the car, causing his prosthesis to break and inflicting severe pain on Baker.

His suffering was only just beginning though.

“Even during the booking process, despite the open and obvious disfiguration of Mr. Baker’s arm,” the lawsuit says, “Officer Stowe did nothing to address Mr. Baker’s broken arm or the severe pain Mr. Baker was experiencing.”

Baker goes on to say that the police denied him treatment for his pain for hours. It wasn’t until he was released on bail was he able to be taken to the hospital by his daughter.

The Colorado man is now pressing charges against the police for unreasonable seizure, excessive force, false arrest, and malicious prosecution even though the criminal charges against him were dismissed.

Sources: Courthouse News Service Photo Credit: Lansing State Journal, Ronny Richert/Flickr


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