Police Blockade Child’s Birthday Party, Tase Couple for Not Leaving (Video)


Jodie and Christopher White say they were recently Tased by police officers for not leaving a parking lot that police cars had blocked.

An unidentified family member filmed police rushing the couple's car (video below).

The Whites were attending a birthday party for their one-year-old nephew at a reception hall in Baytown, Texas.

According to the Whites, police were called because of an argument between two of the adults at the party. Police ordered everyone to leave.

“There were police in the parking lot blocking it in so we couldn’t move,” Jodie White told KHOU. “They just rushed my car and opened the door and Tasers were just everywhere.”

She admitted that her husband tried to protect her after she was confronted.

“I have never been a trouble a day before in my life,” she added. “And for my kids to see me being Tased on the ground, it just broke my heart.”

However, Baytown Police claim that Christopher White almost overpowered one police officer (while trying to protect Jodie).

“I didn’t expect this at all,” said Christopher White. “This was the last thing on my mind.”

According to ABC 13, the Whites were charged with disorderly conduct, but they plan to file a formal complaint.

Sources: ABC 13 and KHOU


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