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Cops Beat Suspected Purse Snatcher After 2-State Chase

Cops Beat Suspected Purse Snatcher After 2-State Chase Promo Image

A wild police chase that began in Louisville, Kentucky, ended in Clark County, Indiana, with police officers hitting a suspected purse snatcher on June 29 (video below).

WDRB reports that the dramatic chase ended when the suspect, Robert Ellis II, hit some police spike strips, and then drove into an open field where his vehicle came to a stop.

Mark Renn, the property owner, told the news station: "There were three cop cars that had him pinned in, there were 15-20 other cop cars in the field. I had 15-20 more (police officers) sitting in my driveway."

A helicopter from WLKY filmed as police surrounded Ellis' vehicle with their guns drawn.

According to WLKY, an Indiana State police trooper and a Louisville Metrro Police Department officer were captured on video hitting Ellis.

Indiana State police Sgt. Jerry Goodin gave his take on the video to WLKY:

That video, obviously is there. That will be researched. It will be studied. And we will find out after we get to interview the troopers that were there. But, I can tell you this, if there were any improprieties by the Indiana state police trooper our superiors will review that video and that trooper will be held accountable for it.

The LMPD is reportedly investigating the incident.

According to the LMPD, Ellis is suspected of stealing numerous purses from women at gas stations, reports WDRB.

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The LMPD said during a press conference that Ellis would drive up next to cars at gas stations -- while women were pumping gas -- and open the driver's side or passenger's side doors, steal the purses, and drive off.

One victim recalled when her purse was snatched: "I ran around the car and got in front of his truck ... and he drove away. He took my purse, he took my iPhone 6S and he took my makeup bag."

After being arrested, Ellis was transported to a hospital for injuries, and then driven to the Floyd County Jail in New Albany, Indiana.

More than a dozen purses were found in the vehicle that Ellis was driving, reports WLKY.

The Free Thought Project opined that it may be taxpayers who end up giving Ellis a pay day:

Police found more than a dozen purses in Ellis’ vehicle, which more likely than not means he is guilty. Sadly, however, their handling of Ellis while apprehending him may result in a bad person receiving taxpayer money in the form of a lawsuit against his abusers -- the cops.

Sources: WLKY, WDRB, The Free Thought Project / Photo credit: Steve Baker/Flickr, Roberts Automotive & Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation, Personal Liberty

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