Police Asked For List Of People Attending Fracking Debate At College


For years, the energy practice of fracking has caused controversy in the U.S. with numerous reports of contaminated drinking water and soil.

Now, the debate over using high-pressured chemicals underground to find oil and natural gas has reached the U.K.

Police in Kent, England, reportedly asked the Canterbury Christ Church University to hand over a list of people who were scheduled to attend a debate on fracking on Nov. 19, noted RT.com.

However, the Canterbury Christ Church University said in a statement that it “did not feel it was appropriate to provide the information."

The panelists at the "Engaging Sociology, Fracking in the U.K." event included a local politician, retired geologist, engineers, a think tank analyst and an activist. They spoke to a crowd of about 200 people.

According to The Guardian, police said in a statement, "Kent police assesses the threat and risk for significant public events in the county to allow it to maintain public safety and appropriately allocate resources. Police attendance was not required during the meeting, but the Dover district chief inspector did attend the event as an interested stakeholder.”

U.K. police have reportedly been watching political activities at colleges around England, including Cambridge University and Lancaster University.

Sources: RT.com, The Guardian
Image Credit: Ostroff Law


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