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Police Ask Community Not To Take Justice Into Their Own Hands After Mob Kills Alleged Child Rapist

Police in Lenasia, South Africa, are asking the public not to take justice into their own hands after a mob killed an alleged child rapist.

Reports say that local authorities have launched an investigation after the suspect was attacked and later died at a hospital. The man was allegedly seen with a six-year-old child minutes before she was reportedly raped.

Angry members of the community tracked down the man that allegedly raped the little girl, brutally beat him, and stoned him. Police were able to rescue the suspect and brought him for treatment at a local hospital, but he later died.

Now, police are asking locals not to seek justice on their own terms and to let law enforcement handle these cases.

“We are appealing to the community not to take the law into their hands because it interrupts police investigations and makes police work difficult,” Captain Hector Netshivhodza. “We are advising the community to hand over the suspects to the police.  Mob justice is a crime in itself.”

Sources: The Citizen, Rising Sun Lenasia / Photo Source: Rising Sun Lenasia, The Citizen


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