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Woman Stabs Date In Chest In Bid To Become Serial Killer

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A Washington woman allegedly stabbed her date in a failed attempt to murder him and eat his heart.

KCPQ reports that an unidentified 24-year-old woman set up a date with a 29-year-old man on Craigslist after answering a dating ad on the website. The date ended up at the Lynnwood hotel, where police say the woman stabbed the man in the chest, puncturing his lung.  

The man told police that she asked him if he was a serial killer. After he responded, "No," she allegedly said, "Well I am a serial killer."

The man then claims that she pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest.  He eventually fought her off, ran out of the room and called police. 

When officers arrived, they found the woman in the parking lot, and the man positively identified her before going to the hospital.  She allegedly told police, "I'm a loon," and went on to explain that she wanted to become a serial killer.  

According to WREG, the woman further claimed that she planned to kill the man and eat his heart, and that she had already written a note explaining that she planned to murder again.  

The woman is being held, pending charges, with bail set at $1 million. 

Sources: KCPQ, WREG / Photo credit: skyward16/Photobucket

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