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Police Arrest Yale Lab Technician for Murder of Annie Le

Police in Connecticut have arrested a Yale University lab technician for the murder of graduate student Annie Le. 24-year-old Raymond Clark III was led out of a motel in handcuffs Thursday morning, just a day after police released him from custody.

"Based on numerous interviews, forensic evidence, and information learned from viewing video surveillance, detectives have secured the arrest warrant for Clark," New Haven Police Chief James Lewis said.

Watch video of the arrest:

The body of Annie Le was found Sunday stuffed behind a wall in the basement of the lab where she worked, five days after she disappeared. Swipe cards that are used to move around the university's buildings show they were in the same room that morning.

The records from the swipe cards are part of the evidence against Clark. Police say after they were in the same room, Le's card was not used again. But a law enforcement source told the Hartford Courant that Clark swiped into the area where the body was found.

Clark also reportedly failed a lie detector test, and ABC News is reporting on its website that Clark has wounds on his chest, arms and back, suggesting a violent struggle. Clark gave police a DNA sample while he was in custody earlier in the week. Lewis would not say whether there was a DNA match that linked Clark to Le. But the New Haven Register reports there indeed is a link.

It's not clear what kind of relationship, if any, Clark and Le had. Lewis would not give details, just saying that they worked in the same building and passed each other in the halls.

But ABC News is also reporting that Clark sent a text message to Le on September 8th -- the day she disappeared -- requesting a meeting to discuss the cleanliness of the cages of the research mice.

The cause of death was strangulation. The 24-year-old Le was not sexually assaulted. Lewis called it a case of of "workplace violence," but would not elaborate on what might have triggered the attack.

Clark appeard in court in leg shackles for a brief appearance Thursday morning. The New York Post reported he "looked stunned." Bail was set at $3 million.

The Rev. Dennis Smith, a Le family spokesman, said on NBC's "Today" show that the arrest is "wonderful news" to the family and will help give some closure. "It's such a terrible thing to have lost Annie," he said.

Le was set to be married on Sunday, the day her body was found.


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