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Police Arrest Woman For Murder After She Posted About It On Facebook

Once again, Facebook has helped police bust a criminal.

Christina M. Mabry, 37, of Richmond, Virginia, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of Woodrow Anstead, who was killed on May 31.

“The neighbor in the apartment building called to report a domestic disturbance in apartment five. Upon arrival a female, Christina Marbry, answered the door,” the Richmond Police affidavit for search warrant said, reports WTVR. “She initially told officers that things were fine and her male partner was not there. Officers then observed a male, Woodrow Anstead, bleeding profusely from a severe wound to the chest.”

Anstead got up and walked to the hallway, but he collapsed. He later died at a hospital. Police initially described the incident as a domestic dispute.

“Since the murder, Mabry has posted numerous statements on her Facebook account about this murder,” the affidavit for search warrant stated.

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Mabry wrote on June 11: “Only a few people know what happened with me (and) Woodrow… We didn’t have a rocky relationship or an abusive one.”

Two days later she wrote: “I know what happened (and) so do detectives. Leave me to mourn the man I love.”

James Anstead, the victim’s brother, said Mabry didn’t act out of self defense. “I’m here to clear my brother’s name. He was never abusive to her,” he said.

An anonymous friend of Mabry claimed Anstead has a history of violence towards women and in May, a woman filed a complaint against Anstead for allegedly choking her. She also sought a protective order against Anstead.

Mabry will appear in court on July 27.

Sources: WTVR (2)

Photo Credit: Screenshot via WTVR


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