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Police Arrest Mark Wayne Williams who Dressed as 'Batman' and Tried to Help Cops

Mark Wayne Williams, who reportedly patrols the streets in a Batman costume, has been arrested and may be charged with a felony for interfering with a police investigation.

Williams was arrested when he showed up at an auto accident Saturday evening in Bear Creek Township, Michigan, reports

When police arrived at the crash scene, the driver had fled the scene. Police tried to track down the driver with a K-9 dog.

Williams, dressed as Batman, also tried to search the area,  according to a Michigan State Police statement.

According to the police report, Williams said he “wanted to help troopers and searched part of the area before being found by troopers" and claims he "just happened to be wearing his costume when he heard of the search.”

Police told him to leave, but Williams refused to go. That's when police arrested Williams for resisting and obstructing a police investigation, a felony.

Police removed Williams’s homemade Batman outfit and booked him into the Emmet County jail, from which he bonded out Sunday. Williams is scheduled for an October 18 court appearance.


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