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Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Seducing, Blackmailing Young Girl Online

Police in the Netherlands confirm they have arrested a man suspected of blackmailing 15-year-old Amanda Todd into exposing herself on the internet. Todd committed suicide last year after posting a YouTube video telling of the havoc the blackmailing wreaked on her life.

Police did not reveal the 35-year-old man’s name, but they did say they believe Todd is not his only victim. It is believed the man seduced numerous other underage girls in similar fashion and also posed as a young boy in order to get grown men to perform sexual acts while being watched on webcams. 

Canadian Police are seeking extradition for the Dutch man since Todd was a Canadian resident. For now, Dutch prosecutors have filed child pornography and indecent assault charges against the man.

“This is truly a day we have been waiting for,” said Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd.

Prosecutors spoke on the case after a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

“The suspicions against the man are that he approached underage girls via the Internet and then seduced them into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam,” prosecutors said in a statement. “He is suspected of subsequently pressurizing them to participate in making new material.”

The suspect's lawyer, Van Dijk, says his client is exercising his right to remain silent for now. Dijk said he’s not so sure there is enough evidence to convict the man in court, though.

"Prosecutors seem to think they have a big fish here, but if I see the evidence, it's not much," he said.

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Sources: ABC, Mail Online


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