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'It's Very Disgusting': California Man Accused Of Beating Dog To Death, Placing It In BBQ Grill


A man was arrested in California after police discovered a dead dog inside of a barbecue grill on Wednesday. The man allegedly murdered the dog in an act of vengeance against an ex-girlfriend.

Law enforcement officials were initially responding to a call of a man beating his dog in an Elk Grove, California, residence.

“When [officers] arrived, they heard sounds of activity,” said Christ Trim, the Elk Grove Police Department spokesman.

When police called to the man, identified as Jesse Tom, 29, he then began running through the neighborhood, according to News 10. Officers soon discovered the body of the dog in a barbecue grill and began to pursue the man through the neighbor’s backyard.

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Officers also discovered that a fire had been set inside of the residence. 

Tom was caught a short distance away.

The deceased dog was reportedly not burned, though it did have body trauma, KCRA reports.

Officers are now working in conjunction with a veterinarian to determine its cause of death.

According to Trip, Tom did not own the dog and most likely killed it due to a breakup, News 10 reports.

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“That is so disgusting, what happened in our own backyard,” neighbor Ashish Kumar told KCRA. “My mom saw it. My dad saw it. My wife. We’re all there and it’s very disgusting and very devastating to see this stuff.”

Tom now faces felony charges of animal cruelty as well as arson. His bail was set at $1 million.

Source: KCRA, News10

Photo Credit: George Warren/News10, The Elk Grove Police Department


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