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Man Accused Of Mutilating Pit Bull Staying In Jail

Man Accused Of Mutilating Pit Bull Staying In Jail Promo Image

A man accused of mutilating a pit bull and leaving the dog to die will not be granted bail before his trial.

Brendan Evans is not eligible for pre-trial bail in the case because he was arrested while facing charges in unrelated criminal cases, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The other charges included a burglary in August 2017 and charges related to a 2015 bank robbery.

The pit bull, who was called Ollie by veterinarians, was found in Hollywood, Florida, on Oct. 10 with his bloody paw sticking out of a suitcase. Ollie died two days later.

Police subsequently searched Evans' apartment after his DNA connected him to the suitcase. Officers say they found mutilated rats and two cats' paws in his freezer.

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"Hollywood detectives have seen and investigated animal cruelty cases before, but none as horrific as what we've seen in the case of Ollie," the Hollywood Police Department's Miranda Grossman told WSVN.

A neighbor expressed her shock.

"It's scary," Christine Baker told WSVN. "I knew it was somebody in the area, you know. I just didn't know it was this close to home, right across the street."

Evans claims he is a voodoo priest and has a right to practice animal sacrifice.

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Ollie's story widespread sympathy, and the public raised more than $100,000 for him. Of that, $60,000 was a reward for information on Ollie's killer, while more than $40,000 was donated to cover his vet bills.

His cremated remains ended up in a landfill site after a Fort Lauderdale rescue group rejected an offer from a Miami pet cemetery to bury Ollie. Because the county carried out a necropsy on Ollie, standard procedure is to cremate the animal's body and dispose of the remains in a landfill.

"That's heart-wrenching to hear," Nadia Barkett, a spokeswoman for the Pet Heaven cemetery in Miami, told the Sun Sentinel. "I don't feel that any animal should end up in a landfill. All animals deserve respect and dignity when it comes to end of life."

A Nov. 23 court hearing resulted in the imposition of a $100,000 bond for Evans, double the $50,000 sought by the state prosecutor. But because he is in jail already, he is not eligible to post bail.

"Obviously there's been a lot of publicity and the judge is looking at that and so she's setting a higher bond to make a statement about this very upsetting case," Evans' attorney, Sarah Anne Mourer, told the Sun Sentinel.

If Evans is found guilty of killing and mutilating Ollie, he faces the prospect of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

"Of course, Brendan and his lawyers were all very sad about what happened to the pit bull, but as to the criminal case, I really can't, at this time, make any comments," added Mourer.

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