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Homeless Man Reportedly Dug Elaborate Underground Home In Virginia Park (Photos)

At least he still has a roof over his head.

A homeless man in Virginia was arrested and sent to jail on Dec. 13 after reportedly making his own home in a public park, where he dug a subterranean hideout to stay out of the elements.

Fairfax County, Virginia, police said Yosue Joel Rios, 25, dug a 15-foot tunnel, complete with neatly-cut stairs and two chambers, including a bedroom and a reading room, according to the Washington Post. Rios usually kept his makeshift home hidden by covering it with leaves and a large piece of plywood, but a woman spotted the uncovered entrance on Dec. 13 and called cops, CNN notes.

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(Stairs leading to Yosue Joel Rios' underground home. Photo Credit: Fairfax County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail)

Fairfax police officers were quick to arrive -- the park is only 200 yards from department headquarters -- and were examining the cave when Rios walked up to them and told them he was living there. Inside, cops found a sleeping bag, gardening tools, and educational books on topics ranging from the English language and religion to the U.S. criminal justice system, the CNN report said. Police also found a library card they believe Rios was using to obtain the books.

Images of the cave show print-outs and handwritten notes posted on the walls, personal items, a pillow, and a Winnie the Pooh blanket hanging in front of the sleeping area. Rios wouldn't tell police how long he'd been living there, or how long it took him to dig the cave.

"I've never seen an underground cave, but I have seen homeless camps like tents and makeshift shelters above ground," Fairfax police spokeswoman Natalie Hinesley told CNN. "But I have never seen something as intricate as this."

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(The inside of Yosue Joel Rios' underground home. Photo Credit: Fairfax County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail)

Rios had an outstanding warrant for missing a traffic court date in nearby Arlington County, and police added to the homeless man's legal woes by charging him with misdemeanor destruction of public property. Rios was arraigned and sent to Fairfax County Jail, where he was held without the option to post bail.

Rios' cave was filled in on Dec. 13 by a crew from the Fairfax Department of Public Works as a safety measure, officials said.

Sources: CNN, Washington Post / Photo source: Fairfax County Sheriff's Office via Washington Post, Daily Mail

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