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Police Arrest Arizona Teen After Colorado Student Reports School Shooting Snapchat Message

Police have arrested an Arizona high school student after a teen from Colorado alerted authorities of a message involving a school shooting sent over Snapchat, a social media app. 

Kaylee, 16, was using the app on Monday when a startling message appeared. 

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"It said 'Planning the school shooting.' And it kind of freaked me out at first so I texted my mom," Kaylee said to KDVR. 

Kaylee then took a screenshot of the photo and showed it to one of her school's deans. 

"He told me to go to the resource officers and I kind of sat there in the office with him while we figured out what to do and pursue finding out who he was," Kaylee said. 

Soon enough, the user who sent the message reached out to Kaylee first after he received a notification on his phone that she screen shotted his photo. 

The person soon revealed to Kaylee that he was a student at Sierra Linda, a high school nearly 800 miles away in Arizona. 

The teen was arrested by Phoenix police for one count of creating a hoax, a class four felony. 

Kaylee did not want to take the risk of dismissing a potentially dangerous message. 

"I don't know and I didn't want to assume it was a joke because if I would have woken up today and seen that he really did shoot up a school, I know how bad I would have felt if I know I could possibly have stopped it," she said to KUSA. 

"This is something that even if it was someone being funny, it's not funny," Kaylee's mother said to KDVR. "And in Colorado, it's especially not funny."

"It just made me feel really good that I prevented something like that from happening," Kaylee said. 

Sources: KDVR, KUSA

Photo Credit: Japanexperterna/FlickrKaylee via KUSA


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