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Police: Armed Robbers Put Employees In Freezer During Pizza Hut Heist

Two employees at a Pizza Hut in Edgewood, Florida, were locked in the restaurant’s freezer during an armed robbery, WFTV reported. 

Three men armed with pistols leaped over the front counter and demanded that the Pizza Hut manager and an employee open a safe. Neither of them could open the safe, so the franchise employees handed over cash from the register. The robbers then tied up the workers and locked them in the freezer, Orlando Sentinel reported. 

The manager set off an alarm in the freezer, which alerted police. 

Shortly before police arrived, a pizza delivery driver found the employees and freed them.

Police said no one was injured during the robbery, but the suspects remain at large. Investigators are still working to obtain descriptions of the robbers and the amount of cash they got away with hasn’t been disclosed.

Neighboring businesses told WFTV they’re now taking precautions. "We have surveillance, we have security. I will make sure that someone is here. It's been on my mind since I've been back there cooking. It's like, 'Wow, that is too close to home,'" said Sharon Sheffy, owner of Sharon's Home Style Cooking, a nearby restaurant.

Sources: WFTV (2), Orlando Sentinel Image via rob_rob2001/Flickr


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