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Police Warn People To Turn Off This Smartphone Setting

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Technology can be a really great thing, but it can also be invasive and sometimes scary. With GPS technology comes the ability to track your every move, and Google maps made it 10 times easier to do that with its Timeline function.

All you need to do is enable the function on your iPhone, and Google will begin keeping a record of everywhere you’ve been on a map. That means you can literally see every single place you’ve been locally, nationally and internationally without having to do a single thing. 

Though this function might seem useful for some, many feel that it is an invasion of privacy on the part of Google and that it can be used as a tool by stalkers.

The biggest issue with this function is that if your account is automatically signed in, anyone who looks at your phone can see where you’ve been. 

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Don’t worry, though. It’s simple to turn off the timeline function. Just go to your phone’s settings and turn off location services, Diply reports.

Sources: Diply, Tech Insider / Photo credit: Brewbooks/Flickr, Tech Insider 

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