Officials Investigating Doctor In Prince's Death


A law enforcement official said investigators are now looking into whether Prince died of a prescription drug overdose, and if a doctor was involved.

According to the official, who spoke with the Associated Press, investigators want to know if a doctor was onboard the plane that made an emergency landing in Illinois on April 15, six days before Prince died, and whether that same doctor had been prescribing him drugs, Newser reports.

The official also said investigators are searching Prince’s Minnesota home for any drugs and are looking into what drugs may have been on the plane. A judge reportedly granted a request for the results of the search to be sealed on the grounds that "intense media scrutiny" would disrupt the investigation or even risk injury to innocent people.

Documents released by the Carver County, Minnesota sheriff's office on April 28 indicate that the investigation is now a criminal probe and charges are a possibility.

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Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud told the AP that investigators have not asked the DEA to get involved and refused to comment on reports of drugs being found at Prince’s home, Newser notes.

"We might contact them to help us, but that hasn't happened," Kamerud said. "We don't have the medical examiner's report yet. We don't know to what extent pharmaceuticals could be a part of this."

The iconic musician was found dead in his home on April 21. Six days prior to his death, his plane made an emergency landing in Illinois less than an hour before its scheduled landing.

Representatives said Prince was battling the flu at the time. However, TMZ reported that the Moline Fire Department said that Prince was rushed in after a drug overdose and was given a "safe shot," according to Inquisitr. Several other sources said Prince had been struggling with an addiction to Percocet, a powerful painkilling drug, Mashable reported.

Sources: Newser, Mashable, Inquisitr / Photo Credit: ABC News

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