Mariah Carey's Star In Hollywood Has Been Vandalized (Photo)


For singer Mariah Carey, 2016 went out in debacle. The pop star struggled through a six-minute New Year's Eve performance on live national television as technical difficulties plagued her act.

Now, not 10 days later, Carey is again facing public ridicule. The singer's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was vandalized sometime during the first weekend of 2017.

The vandal added a question mark to the end of Carey's name.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce contacted the LAPD about the vandalism on Jan. 8, according to TMZ. It noted that an individual on Instagram was claiming responsibility for the act. Authorities are searching surveillance video for the alleged perpetrator, who may be charged with felony vandalism.

As for the star, it was cleaned up by Jan. 9, costing the Hollywood Historic Trust $1,500 for the job.

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According to Us Weekly, Carey received her star in an August 2015 ceremony.

In October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, James Otis, heir to the Otis Elevator fortune, took a sledgehammer to then-Republican nominee Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

“I just sort of had enough with Mr. Trump’s aggressive language toward women and his behavior, his sexual violence with women and against women,” Otis said, notes the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve had personally in my own family four people who have been assaulted or have had sexual violence happen to them. It all became very personal.”

Otis faces $10,000 in fines and a possible three years in prison for his one count of felony vandalism.

A petition with over 42,000 signators has surfaced calling for the removal of President-elect Trump's star from the Walk of Fame.

"Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it has been vandalized again and again since the start of his presidential campaign. It’s clear that the community does not think he deserves to be represented there," the petition reads, notes the International Business Times. "The fact that Donald Trump has a star along with the likes of Meryl Streep, Bill Murray and Audrey Hepburn is an insult in and of itself. The presidential candidate and former reality TV star has been spawning hateful, sexist and racist rhetoric since the beginning of his campaign."

Sources: TMZ, International Business Times, Us Weekly, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit: Mariah Carey/Twitter, Instagram via TMZ

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