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Police Are Called After Colm Doherty Sings Happy Birthday To Daughter

A British father had the police called on him after he ignored the orders of staff members at a children’s play center and sang "Happy Birthday" to his daughter. The staff at Clowntown told Colm Doherty that he was not allowed to sing to his 8-year-old daughter, Cara, because he had not purchased a “birthday package.”

Officers were given video footage of the incident but chose not to take any action against Doherty. Marie Doherty had contacted Clowntown prior to the attempted party to ask if they could book a birthday party for 20 children and six adults but was told there was no availability. Colm called the situation “utter madness.”

Apparently it is against company policy for guests at Clowntown to sing the birthday song on the premises unless they have specifically scheduled a party, The London Evening Standard reported.

“When the cake came out you could sense a bit of nervous tension among the staff, and one particular lady came storming down and told us that we could not sing and to put the cake away,” Colm said. He added that he was in “shock and disbelief” and said the other six parents in the group were “fuming.”

“You don’t celebrate a birthday party on our premises unless it is the package you obtain,” said manager Ian Slazenger. “There were four other groups and we did not want them to see that people can just come in and celebrate a birthday without respecting our policy.”

Slazenger said that the police were contacted because Colm displayed an “aggressive attitude,” a claim that the disgruntled father denies.

Sources: The London Evening Standard, The Daily Mail


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