Man Allegedly Showed 11-Year-Old Porn On Phone (Photo)

Authorities are searching for a man in Queens, New York, who allegedly approached an 11-year-old girl and showed her a pornographic film own his phone before following her as she walked to school.

The man reportedly walked up to the young girl at around 8:15 a.m. on March 8, while she was walking to school. After approaching her, he allegedly showed her a sexually explicit video on his phone and followed the child to her school, the Jackson Heights Post reports.

When the girl got inside her school, she reportedly told school officials what had happened, and the suspect fled the scene. As he ran away from the school, he was reportedly still holding the cellphone in his hand, according to WNBC.

Police have released surveillance video of the man in the hopes of tracking him down. He is described as a Hispanic male around 40 years old and 5 feet 11 inches tall. He was seen wearing a gray sweatshirt under a black jacket, with blue jeans and dark sneakers.

Police, who are still searching for information on the man, have not disclosed the name of the school the young girl attends.

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In a similar story in 2016, an unknown man allegedly attempted to abduct a 10-year-old girl in Washington as she walked home from school, KNDO reports.

Savannah, the young girl, was reportedly walking home from her elementary school in Richland, Washington with her 8-year-old brother when the two decided to run the rest of the way home. The girl said she stopped to pick up her water bottle during the run.

Savannah's mom says a man "pulled around and parked in front of the stop sign, got out and looked at her."

"She got nervous, stood up, and started running toward our house," said the mother.

The man allegedly followed the young girl to her house, chasing her to the door before she was fortunately able to lock it and keep the man away.

The man reportedly yelled to Savannah, "Hey, come here, your mom wants me to pick you up."

Savannah told Richland police that she hadn't seen the man before, and described him to authorities as a white man with a medium build and a beard.

The man was reportedly seen near Jason Lee Elementary School in Richland. He was reported to be driving a white vehicle.

Savannah's mother said that she wanted to share the story to warn kids to be cautious when walking home from school, adding that she hopes other kids will be safe like Savannah was.

Sources: Jackson Heights Post, WNBC, KNDO / Photo credit: Shinichi Sugiyama/Flickr, NYPD via Jackson Heights Post

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