Police Appear To Single Out Black Teen For Jaywalking, White Teens Object (Video)


A possible incident of racial profiling was recently caught on video (below).

Charger Inc. TV - CITv originally posted the video on Facebook with the caption: "A group of guys walking, a cop stopped the only black guy in the group and tries to give him a ticket for J walking. But the black guy's, army strong, white friends stood by him! It should be like this in all cases not only in a situation where cops are involved!"

The video doesn't show the the actual jaywalking, but begins immediately afterwards. When the cops question the black teen, several of the white teens accuse the police of being "racist."

As the incident escalates, the police tell the white teens to back away. As officers question the black teen, dozens more people are seen jaywalking, reports The Free Thought Project.

After several minutes, the police decide not to cite the black teen with jaywalking, which elicits cheers from the white teens.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Facebook / Photo Credit: Charger Inc. TV - CITv via YouTube

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