Police Aim Guns at Ferguson Protesters, Arrest Reporters, Lawmaker

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A protest today in Ferguson, Mo., was met by 70 armed SWAT officers who aimed sniper rifles at protesters, arrested journalists and handcuffed one lawmaker.

While police aimed guns at the crowd, one officer stated, “Your right to demonstrate is not being obstructed."

According to Talking Points Memo, Ryan J. Reilly of The Huffington Post and Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post were arrested while covering the protest, which was spurred on by the police shooting of teen Michael Brown on Saturday.

Both Reilly and Lowery tweeted today that they were being arrested inside a McDonald's for taking pictures of officers in the restaurant and not leaving fast enough.

Reilly and Lowery were eventually released without charges.

Because police were reportedly blocking off areas of the city and not allowing news TV trucks in, several reporters have been tweeting from Ferguson.

Bmore Conetta of The Huffington Post tweeted that Missouri State Senator Maria Chapelle Nadal "was taken into police custody."

Fox 2 Now also took to Twitter: "The #STL SWAT team has weapons drawn in #Ferguson at a protest in broad daylight with media attending."

Eli Rosenberg of KMBC tweeted, "'We're dealing with 4,000 animals in there, & you want to give me attitude?' The deputy yelled, mad I was taking a pic."

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French posted a video on Vine that showed children chanting, “Justice for Mike Brown."

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Twitter, Vine(Image Credit: Wset10)


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