Police Accused of Assaulting Disabled Man Benny Warr (Video)

A cell phone video (below) recently uploaded to YouTube appears to show police officers in Rochester, New York, roughing up a disabled man in a wheelchair, who was identified as Benny Warr.

According to the activist website CopBlock.org, the police officers suddenly grabbed Warr on the sidewalk and tipped him over.

Shakur Muhammed, who recorded the incident on her cell phone, states on the video: “Stop, why is you kicking him?”

A third officer arrives and soon all the officers seem to be on top of Warr, apparently trying to handcuff him.

Muhammed says on the video that one of the police officers is mad because he was punched in the face earlier (which was not recorded).

Toward the end of the video, a police officer notices the incident is being recorded and tells the crowd: “Let’s go, let’s go, come on, go!”

Muhammed also tells the crowd, "He's black, you all," speaking of Warr, whom she calls "Scrap."

Warr was taken to the hospital and charged with disorderly conduct as well as resisting arrest, reports CopBlock.org.

Source: YouTube and CopBlock.org


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