Maryland Police Search For Suspect Who Stole 4-Year-Old's Wheelchair (Video)

A 4-year-old Maryland boy is without his wheelchair after someone stole it from the lobby of his family’s Langley Park apartment building, according to local police. 

WRC News reports the Prince George's County Police Department is working to help the family recover the chair. 

The department has released two videos (shown below), both of which carry a number for an anonymous tip line as well as other contact information for local authorities. 

The first video, police say, is surveillance footage showing the suspect pushing the chair across a crowded parking lot. 

The second video shows the young boy — identified only by his first name, Joshua — using his blue-framed wheelchair before it was stolen. 

According to a blog post on the police department’s website, investigators believe the chair was stolen sometime Sunday night. 

The blog indicates Joshua’s mother left the chair in the lobby, as she usually does, because it is easier to simply carry her son up the stairs to their second floor apartment. 

When she returned Monday morning, the chair was gone, police said. 

Prince George's County Police Capt. Ken Humbel said the suspect police are searching for “has no heart.”

“This family already faces challenges and shouldn’t be burdened with the emotional and financial stress of the theft of this wheelchair,”  Humbel is quoted as saying in the blog post. 

Police are also working a second angle in case they are unable to recover the missing chair. 

“While our officers are working to arrest this thief, we’re also focused on helping Joshua,” the blog reads. “One of our commanders is in touch with a foundation which may be able to help with a replacement wheelchair.”

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Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube (Joshua)


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