Police: 30 Bags Of Cocaine Worth $175K Wash Ashore In Galveston, Texas


Thirty bags of cocaine washed up on a beach in Galveston, Texas, on Sunday, police said.

A man, whose name has been withheld, stumbled upon the unmarked bags of cocaine worth an estimated $175,000 while walking along the beach just south of Galveston Island State Park, according to The Associated Press.

The bags, which weighed about 15 pounds in total, did not contain any information on the source of the drugs, Galveston police said Monday.

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The beachgoer called police, who brought the bags back to the station to dry. The powder was then tested and found to be cocaine, reports Click2Houston.com.

Galveston police said the investigation into where the drugs came from is ongoing.

The incident is not the first time a massive amount of drugs has been discovered on the beaches of Galveston.

According to the Houston Chronicle, in May 2010, a woman found 16 bricks of cocaine worth about $2.1 million. The next year, a jogger came across another 25 smaller bricks of cocaine, worth an estimated $675,000.

In the past, drug runners have thrown drugs overboard to avoid being caught with them by law enforecement.

Sources: AP via The Dallas Morning NewsClick2Houston.comHouston Chronicle / Photo Credit: Galveston Police Department


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