Poisoned Water of the USA


As a nurse who worked in the health care system for many years, most people don't know how many drugs have been dumped into the sewer system. Billions of pills from hospitals and nursing homes all over the country, from narcotics, to psychoactive drugs, hormones, antibiotics, left over cancer drugs and more.

A potent cocktail for anyone who drinks the water and bottled water if you tested it, it is not much better, if it is better at all. Many places have grade D water and it barely passes regs and the towns and municipalities don't have the funds to upgrade the water facilities. They don't even test the water for these things, much less mitigate the tons of pharmaceuticals dumped into the system. 

I have seen it with my own eyes and was told to dump stuff in myself. I tell people this and they don't even believe it, so I say check for yourself. How many of you even read the water reports or what the water is tested for. 

We are letting the major corporation which include healthcare facilities abuse our environment, they get breaks on taxes when they should be paying more considering the huge ,obscene profits the drug companies make. The obscene profits made by healthcare facilities, who charge 40 bucks to a patient for a bottle of Maalox. We all need to speak up about this destruction of our water and environment. In the town I lived in there were days that the water was unfit to drink by the infants and the elderly as declared by the water company itself. Not in the media, just in the reports that nobody reads or seems to care about. 

If you care about your children you will act on this and make complaints to the people who can do something about it. I was already poisoned by well water three times and have been poisoned for years without even knowing it.

Is it any wonder cancer is everywhere? Is there a church anywhere that does not have a list of people with cancer to pray for?

Cancer and pharmaceuticals are both big business aren't they?


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