Poet Holly McNish Delivers Support for Breastfeeding in Public (Video)


British poet Holly McNish is sick and tired of hiding herself in bathroom stalls while she breastfeeds her child, saying that she feels ‘awkward’ in public.

“I find it weird,” she writes in theYouTube descriptionfor her latest impressive spoken word delivery, “that our TVs, media etc. never show breastfeeding in soaps, cartoons, anything. That we and the US are so bloody scared of it. It's weird.”

She continues to explain the reasons behind her avid support for public breastfeeding, noting that she finds “our culture weird and even weirder, when people are so strapped for cash.” Questioning the motive behind making women feel ashamed to give their children breast milk out in the open, she asks why, in America, we are “paying billionaire companies for something our bodies produce for FREE. It's really good marketing that we feel so wrong doing something like this I think. And it makes me sadder every day.”

Thus her main argument points at a problem she has noticed within our capitalistic society; the fact that things that are entirely ‘natural’ are targeted in the name of business.

McNish is a renownded poet in the UK, having put out a number of spoken word albums and books. “As well as poetry performances,” she explains via her website, she “runs poetry workshops and recitals for schools, youth centres, charities and more around the country through her poetry education organisation, Page to Performance,” which aims to “bring poetry to life and to raise people's confidence.”

Sources: HollyMcNish.com, Huffington Post, YouTube


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