Pod Of Dolphins Steal The Show At California Surfing Competition (Video)


Who doesn’t love dolphins? Seriously. Throughout my entire life, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone say something negative about a dolphin. They’re cute, curious, and incredibly smart. What’s not to like?

Spectators at the Rincon Classic surfing competition in Santa Babara, California were treated to an awesome surprise last weekend when a pod of dolphins showed up and started cruising the waves alongside surfers. The crowd watched and cheered as nearly a dozen dolphins reminded us that not everyone needs a board to ride a wave.

Dolphins are reportedly common in the area, but it is rare to see them interacting so comfortably with humans in the wild. Luckily, a few opportunistic spectators had cameras ready and caught the pod's cameo appearance on video.

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Check it out:

Sources: Mail Online, ABC


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