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Plus-Size Student Suspended For 'Too Revealing' Prom Dress

School administrators suspended a female senior student for wearing what they deemed was too revealing of a prom dress — even though it was full length with long sleeves.

Alexus Miller-Wigfall designed her dream prom dress with her mother’s help and had a seamstress create it. It was full length, with a red lace bodice and sleeves. The sleeves were added because Miller-Wigfall’s mother, Alisha Sneed, was aware of her daughter’s high school dress code and did not want to violate it, which is also why they did not include a leg slit.

Miller-Wigfall attended SciTech Harrisburg High School’s prom in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and was complimented on her dress by none other than the school superintendent.

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Everything seemed fine until Miller-Wigfall arrived at school the following Tuesday and was told by school administrators she was suspended because her prom dress was “too revealing.”

"I couldn't believe it," the student's mother said. "I don't see anything wrong with that dress. What do they want her to wear, a turtleneck?"

The assistant principal allegedly told Miller-Wigfall: “You have more boobs than other girls. The other girls have less to show.”

The Daily Mail reports that school officials initially rejected the student’s dress after a picture was emailed to them before the prom. In order to gain approval, the front of the dress was altered to show less cleavage.

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A follow-up to the principal for approval went unanswered, so Sneed gave her daughter her own approval to wear the dress.

“I strongly feel there was nothing wrong with her dress,” Sneed said.

The school’s dress code states that prom dresses must cover all body parts, including “breasts, upper thighs, crotch, buttocks, etc.” and there should not be “plunging neck lines to navel.”

Sneed noted that other girls’ dresses were far more revealing than her daughter's, when she attended the pre-prom red carpet event.

Support for Miller-Wigfall has been pouring in from commenters.

“Nothing wrong with that dress,” one comment read. “That young lady should be proud of her appearance. No way does that dress warrant a suspension. The people at that school district need to be suspended for their stupidity.”

“Harrisburg High has WAY bigger problems to worry about than that dress,” another commenter wrote. “Which looks to be one of the more conservative ones actually [sic].” 

According to Kirsten Keys, spokesperson for the high school, Miller-Wigfall was the only student suspended for her prom attire. Other girls were asked to wear shawls to cover up their dresses but were not disciplined further.

“My daughter's dress was tasteful and classy,” Sneed said. “I don't think that it's fair that my daughter was singled out.”

The day after Miller-Wigfall was given the suspension, a school counselor apparently contacted her mother and said the disciplinary action had been overturned. Sneed, however, says she never received confirmation about the reversal of the suspension or an exact reason as to why her daughter was suspended in the first place.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Seventeen / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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