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Please Don't Give to 'No Kill' if You Care About Pets

All those wonderful, caring people out there who hear the term "No Kill" think that it just has to be right. After all, doesn't it imply that no pets are killed and it saves thousands of lives? Who wouldn't want to help to fund an organization that is "No Kill"?

Crock, all of it. The term alone is killing animals, and you could say it is killing animals with kindness, a perverted kindness.

No Kill runs no shelters, gives no money to shelters. No Kill brags of a handful of shelters who have adopted the Nathan Winograd program and proclaims that these shelters are open admission shelters, they are not. Open admission means that all animals are taken upon presentation, no waiting lists, no evaluations for admission. No Kill uses waiting lists, evaluations and the such which takes those shelters out of the realm of open admission.

This means that animals are abandoned on the streets if the shelter isn't willing to take them upon presentation. There have been cases of owners being turned away and they dumped their pet at the shelter, ran over it, killed it, whatever, in their frustration.

Plus scams and schemes have developed using No Kill as the background to collect donations that never see an animal. Let's keep in mind that the terms "humane society" or "spca" are generic terms, anyone can use them. No Kill is a philosophy, a movement, all of the same mindset and agenda.

A recent article condemns the Humane Society of the United States, part of an ongoing war of words between No Kill and HSUS. No Kill has been supported by Rick Berman of the Center for Consumer Freedom. A multi millionaire who has made his money from the cruelty of agribusiness which includes the cruelty of puppy mills, not quite those you would assume would support No Kill. This article accuses HSUS of deceiving the public. Yet, the practice condemned by No Kill is employed by No Kill everyday for fund raising.

You also have to ask where this fund raising is going since No Kill supports no shelters or low cost spay/neuter clinics. This article from Opposing Views shows some of those heart breaking scams like Boggs Mountain, taking an owner's pet, promising a good life, and then killing it, telling the owner that it was adopted. All the while Boggs Mountain claimed to be No Kill and I am unaware of No Kill disassociating itself with Boggs Mountain. Does that mean No Kill condones this behavior?

Here is a good example of how No Kill is calling the kettle black. This particular picture was posted in Miami recently. This was posted on October 8, 2012, remember this date for later.

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Upon reading this, would your impression be that this dog has only bread to eat? And would that impression include that this dog was in Homestead Florida? Probably. Then look at this picture and you realize that this dog isn't in Florida. The date of this picture is August 17, 2012. The date of the prior picture is in October.

Image placeholder title

Another example is a dog not even in a Florida shelter being used to raise donations for No Kill in Miami from the same No Kill group. It was accompanied by a lengthy story of how this No Kill rescue saved this poor doggy when it was at death's door.

Image placeholder title

Had there not been a very astute observer, this could have gone unnoticed. This observer saw that the collar around this dog was not the same collar given to the dogs at the shelter the rescuer claims to have gotten the dog. This observer managed to find this original picture of the dog in a Georgia shelter and it had already been adopted.

Image placeholder title

Please remember that most organizations and movements want to be recognized for what they have accomplished, what they do and what they have done. “No-Kill” is the only movement that focuses its entire philosophy on being recognized for “Not-Killing.” Just turn your back on those pets who are in need and you can be a leader in the “No-Kill” movement. 

Before you consider contributing to any “No-Kill” organization ask the organization what it has actually done to help the animals in their community?  How have they reduced the euthanasia rates at their surrounding open admission shelters? Again, donors should focus their giving on what is actually being accomplished and not the fact that the “No-Kill” movement is wanting to be recognized for what it is not doing?  
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